The artist
« Things are not that difficult to do, what is difficult is to put us in a state of doing them » Constantin Brancusi.
To sculpt became the new way of expressing myself.
Following a personal research and an interest in different artistic fields, sculpting erupted in my life and made sense to me. This allowed me to channel my energy and set a lifetime fundamental objective.
I was rejecting an evidence for a while. I was ignoring my personal need, which today is to express my inner creative vibration as well as my passion for art and beauty. As soon as I accepted this fact, sculpting never left me.
My own and free way to create shapes leads me to simplify the vision of structures. To be self-taught, I just express myself through sculpture I make trying to give authenticity to my vision and expression considering the present moment.
Everyday, artistic influences and inspirations nourish me and I tirelessly return to the fondations of modern sculpture, Chillida, Giacometti, Moore, Brancusi as well as Bazelitz, which was like a revelation.
My work is the confluent of the modern, contemporary, and ethnic artistic inspirations. The structural and round shape of “Zazen” simply expresses “my creative internal vibration”, meaning an intimate connection with the fact of being connected with ourselves, with the environment, the world, but also an intrinsic affiliation to the individual. The fruit of my labour is impregnated and influenced by my present sensibility and moods. Brute, esoteric, symbolic, my way of sculpting must bring people to reflect and question themselves about themselves, others, and the world we live in.
Self-taught, Géraldine Vilaséca has never ceased looking for what was the expression most convenient for her. After achieving a degree in Modern Literature, spent few years in advertising and then from a personal demand, and a strong interest in various artistic worlds, she devoted herself to sculpture, which she started in 2004. At the beginning, she started working with clay and plaster. Then, she started building remarkable sizes of sculptures. She learnt how to solder, how important the frames are, and what are the techniques and the bondages of the big pieces.
Now, when she sculpts, her final vision of what she ‘s making includes material such as, bronze, metal, resin, or the choice of mixed techniques.